11th Public Sector Women in Leadership NSW Summit

Develop new skills and discover your next step as a leader in the NSW Public Sector

  • March 11th - 15th, 2019
  • Sheraton on the Park


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- Apply resilience and confidence
- Develop cutting-edge leadership skills
- Align your personal and professional goals
- Take charge of your career journey


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Download the brochure
Know your strengths, bridge your gaps
Morning Startup
Confidence in decision making
Create balanced teams
Mindfulness matters
Overcoming Challenges
Strengthen your resilience
Honest connections in your career
Morning Startup
Create your opportunity
Balance for work
Leadership for inclusion
Branding with purpose
Activate your knowledge
NSW Public Sector Women in Leadership Workshop - Day 1
NSW Public Sector Women in Leadership Workshop - Day 2
Pre-Summit Workshop - 11 Mar


Understanding and playing to your strengths is a vital skill to have, but so too is vulnerability - knowing how to develop and work on your weaknesses is an important part of long-term success. It can also be particularly difficult to adapt to the strengths of your team and empower them to understand their own gaps.

In this workshop, you will discover how to capitalise on your strengths and develop your weaknesses. You'll learn to speak the language to empower and connect you with your team and develop the accountability that comes with understanding your vulnerabilities. 

Understand your strengths, know your weaknesses

-Increase awareness of your strength gaps

-Control accountability on your strengths

-Discover tricks to develop your weaknesses

Create high performance in a multi-skilled team

-Learn how to recognise your team’s strengths

-Adapt, assess and acknowledge

-Utilise the connection between language and influence

Utilise your strengths knowledge for influence

-Discover how to directly apply all of your learning to your role

-Capitalise on your strengths and empower your team

-Build your emotional intelligence to connect with yourself and others

Teach the language of empowerment

-Highlight the importance of accountability and collaboration

-Encourage your team to encourage each other

-Cultivate a culture of engagement

Conference Day 1 - 12 Mar

Case Study

Start the summit by welcoming Clare Gardiner-Barnes from Transport for NSW. Hear about her career journey and how she achieved her successes.

Case Study

The road to leadership will throw challenges at every corner. Learn to face these challenges with the right assurance.

-Develop confidence in your decisions

-Make the executive call

-Drop the imposter syndrome

Case Study

The valuable role leaders have in creating balanced teams is pivotal to any leadership journey. Join Kim to better understand the crucial role a leader plays in impacting teams.

-Learn to balance a team

-Understand the impact of harmony

-Grow yourself and your team

Expert Commentary

Mindfulness is a specialised skill that is associated with numerous health benefits. Discover the importance of mindfulness and how you can implement this at your desk.

-Become aware of your surroundings

-Understand what your mind is telling you

-Gain insight to the benefits of mindfulness


You will face multiple challenges throughout your leadership journey. Our panel of professionals will help you discover the resilience and determination you need to succeed as a leader.

-Find yourself in another story

-Understand what it takes to make it

-Develop self-confidence

Case Study

It’s not always possible to prevent stressful situations, but you can strengthen your capacity to deal with these challenges. Learn how to strengthen your resilience in this invigorating session.

-Identify techniques to deal with challenges

-Know your strengths

-Build problem-solving skills and coping strategies

Expert Commentary

Some of the connections you make throughout your career will be invaluable and should be cherished. Discover how to truly leverage networking to get the most out of your career.

-Discover a bigger picture through mentoring

-Activate your available networks today

-Leverage your networks for mutual benefit

Conference Day 2 - 13 Mar

Case Study

Start the second day of your summit by welcoming Elena Kirillova from the Australian Trade and Investment Commission. Hear about her career journey and how she achieved her successes.

Case Study

Variables beyond your control may pull focus from what you can actually leverage. Learn to refocus your time on what you can really control.

-Discover an ability to analyse opportunity

-Step out of your comfort zone for success

-Find opportunity everywhere you look


Work-life balance means different things to different people and can often seem an impossible juggle. Discover what it is for you and find what your balance is.

-Balance your work for your future

-Learn to let go of perfectionism

-Manage expectations for yourself

Case Study

Managing a team of people presents a diverse, ever-changing set of challenges. Align expectations and give your team members the autonomy they need to feel trusted in their roles.

-Understand your team

-Align your needs with individuals in your team

-Ensure expectations are managed

Expert Commentary

Today, almost every individual has a personal brand, though few of us have deliberately created it. Learn how to become purposeful in what you share personally and professionally.

-Consciously cultivate your brand

-Audit your online personality

-Produce value from being


Learning doesn’t stop after a summit, and we know that life doesn’t stop while you work. This final interactive session will leave you with a clear action plan after you reflect on key insights from the past two days.

-Key takeaways from the conference

-Prepare yourself for the future career market

-Strategies to develop your results

Post-Summit Workshop - 14 Mar


The fundamentals of leadership - Emotional intelligence

In the transitional environment of the NSW Public Sector, leaders are valued for their ability to manage complex situations and withstand external challenges. To succeed as a leader and drive productivity in your teams, it is essential to develop a firm understanding of your emotions. This shows resilience, emotional intelligence and will assist you in leading with greater influence and effectiveness. 

The fundamentals of emotional intelligence

- Explore the main elements of emotional intelligence

- How to identify your areas of strength and weakness

- Evaluate your emotional responses and their effects

Use emotional intelligence to drive productivity

- Understand emotional drivers to better motivate yourself and your team

- Expand emotional agility - Adapt behaviour to suit different leadership styles

- Emotional reasoning for effective decision making


Strengthen your resilience and resolve

- Perform productively through tough times

- Deal constructively with stress, criticism and setbacks 

- Effectively manage conflict and turn negativity into opportunity

Emotional intelligence to progress in your career 

- Recognise and explore areas of growth and development

- Understanding behaviour in times of change

- Proactively apply emotional intelligence moving forward


Harness the power of communication to effectively manage stakeholder relationships

To succeed as a Public Sector leader, you will need to effectively collaborate and manage relationships outside of your team. To do so, it is essential to possess the ability to communicate and engage with a wide variety of stakeholders. Effective communication relieves stress through transitions, builds trust and defuses conflict while steering you towards your organisational goals. By building these relationships within and beyond your organisational boundaries, you will excel as a leader in this environment.  

Project confidence and credibility 

- Develop productive communication skills

- Practice authenticity 

- Influence and engage your teams 

Stakeholder management

- Adapt strategies to manage different people 

- Harness and resolve conflict

- Understand and prioritise key relationships


Beyond the words – Nonverbal and paraverbal communication

- Use eye contact and posture to convey meaning

- Master effective gestures to illustrate a purpose

- Fine-tune pitch, tone and speed of your speech to make an impact

Align your team with organisational expectations 

- Generate teams aligned with organisational goals

- Manage expectations through change

- Build cohesive and engaged teams 


Sheraton on the Park

161 Elizabeth Street, Sydney, NSW, 2000, Australia

(02) 9286 6000

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