4th Women in Retail & FMCG Leadership Summit

Refine your core leadership skills and gain strategies to thrive in an evolving Retail & FMCG environment

  • May 21st - 24th, 2019
  • Stamford Auckland


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- Thrive in a tumultuous environment
- Build resilience and manage change
- Master a work-life balance
- Communicate with confidence


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Download the brochure
Lead through change & disruption
Navigate a challenging environment
Team together to grow FMCG
Build courage & confidence
Master your communication style
Inspirational leadership
Maximise your potential
Inside the mind of the changing consumer
Lead with passion & authenticity
Retail with soul
Be bold through change
Master a work-life balance
Stand out & be seen
Your future in Retail & FMCG
Unleash your potential
Pre-Summit Workshop - 21 May


Fast changing consumer dynamics are changing the Retail & FMCG landscape. Your ability to effectively manage complexity is essential to remain relevant in a competitive environment.

This interactive workshop will equip you with the tools and strategies to navigate disruption, improve engagement and lead with confidence through uncertainty.

Communication EQ

- Discover the keys of influence

- Effective communication for different personalities

- Mitigate fear with trust

Purposeful leadership

- Address limiting beliefs

- Shine as a leader

- Lead through change


Build high-performing teams

- Authentic leadership

- Empathetic communication

- Building engagement and loyalty

Change the game

- Break the commodity trap

- Look outside-in

- Lead through innovation

Conference Day 1 - 22 May

Case Study

To stand out in a competitive environment, you must effectively leverage your influence. Wendy will share her leadership journey and explain how she climbed the career ladder.

- Have a clear vision to follow

- Gain buy-in

- Leverage your brand

Case Study

A positive relationship with retailers is essential for FMCG organisations. To proactively boost change, you must envision a goal and inspire others to galvanise behind that change.

- Facilitate innovation

- Build level-to-level relationships

- Create and execute a strategy

Case Study

To gain the trust and respect of your team, you must be able to showcase your beliefs. Mandy will share the importance of having confidence in your position as a leader.

- Believe in your abilities

- Use your leadership voice

- Envision a progressive direction


Effective communication is an imperative aspect of any leader's performance portfolio. Our panel of experts will provide practical strategies for sharpening your communication skills.

- Importance of internal communication

- Communicate confidently with stakeholders 

- Maximise high-performance potential

Case Study

Shannon will share her success in forming the Women in Leadership network for Foodstuffs North Island. She will outline the positive influence this support system has had throughout the organisation.

- Drive positive change

- Innovate to make an impact

- Implement your network

Case Study

Hear from Annabel as she reflects on her journey and offers strategies for progression. You'll learn to cultivate a growth mindset and embrace your leadership transition.

- Challenge-driven leadership

- Create a culture of growth

- Foster the courage to step up

Think Tank

Enter the mind of the consumer and brainstorm strategies to understand the unique challenges of Retail & FMCG. Learn how you can achieve a positive transformation in a tumultuous environment. 

- Tap into behaviour economics

- Address subconscious thinking

- Thrive in a growing market

Conference Day 2 - 23 May

Case Study

Remain true to your core values to ensure an authentic leadership identity. Mandy will teach you how to remain transparent in the climb towards leadership.

- Promote an open leadership style

- Strive for consistency

- Drive a culture of honesty

Case Study

The pathway to leadership presents abundant opportunities to showcase your bravery and carve a successful career. This session will help you ignite your passion and maximise your potential.

- Connect with people and communities

- Lead from the heart

- Power through passion

Case Study

To thrive in a dynamic industry, you must unlock the benefits of innovation. This session will help you embrace a growth mindset and lead strategically.

- Encompass entrepreneurship

- Inspire your team to success

- Spearhead your strategy


A productive leader focuses on the bigger picture and manages conflicting priorities. This panel will explore strategies to strike a work-life balance that works for you.

- Time management tactics

- Manage your professional and personal priorities

- Set clear goals and expectations

Case Study

To thrive in a competitive and crowded market, you must articulate your vision. Katrina will share her career journey and offer strategies for success.

- Stand out in a competitive market

- Articulate your leadership voice

- Importance of availability for your team


This final interactive session will reflect on key takeaways and help you set a plan for success. 

- Build your support network 

- Be accountable for your future

- Embrace the next steps

Post-Summit Workshop - 24 May


To thrive, leaders must unlock their potential by grasping their inner strengths, but this can be challenging when balancing increased responsibilities.

This experiential workshop will explore the strengths, values, virtues, wishes and aspirations of a successful leader. The exercises are designed to increase your self-awareness and gain clarity moving forward.

Enable success as a leader 

- Progress towards leadership 

- Embrace true potential 

- Character building virtues 

Storytelling in leadership 

- The power of communication 

- Encounter styles of engagement 

- Find your leadership voice 

Innovation and strategic visioning

- Tap into natural strengths 

- Create your future 

- Action plan for success

Positive change 

- Drive transformation with confidence

- Next steps to creating success

- Share your vision


Stamford Auckland

22-26 Albert St, Auckland, 1010, New Zealand

+64 9 309 8888

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