8th Women in Banking & Financial Services Leadership Summit

Develop a wealth of vital skills to lead & succeed in the spotlight

  • February 26th - March 1st, 2019
  • Sheraton on the Park


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- Be confident in the spotlight
- Adapt & excel during uncertainty
- Lead with courage & authenticity
- Network with industry leaders


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Download the brochure
Develop a resilient mindset
Turn obstacles into opportunities
Drive motivation in a changing industry
Lead with resilience
Form and maintain long-lasting professional networks
Balance personal responsibilities with professional ambitions
Be authentic and be heard
7 ways to engage with impact
Lead confidently and courageously through turbulence
Step up to the C-suite
Overcome impostor syndrome
Lead with resilience in the spotlight
Develop your personal brand
Excel and exceed in the spotlight
Lead through change and turbulence
Pre-Summit Workshop - 26 Feb


Today's leaders need to be resilient and equipped to use adversity as a way forward. A mindful and purposeful leadership approach will increase your resilience and make you invaluable when leading through challenging times.

In this engaging workshop, you will explore how you can build your resilience to advance your career. You will be able to take these techniques back to work and develop team resilience, harnessing your collective best to create amazing outcomes for your organisation.

Through developing techniques for mindful leadership, this workshop will cultivate self-awareness and explore the tools to unlock your leadership potential.

Remain resilient through change and disruption

- Explore the neuroscience of emotion and change

- Understand how change and disruption affects behaviour

- Maintain performance

Thrive through adversity

- Focus on your vision, purpose and values

- Increase your mental capacity

- Turn obstacles into opportunities

Identify your triggers

- Know your strengths and weaknesses

- Understand how your thoughts affect your behaviour

- Channel your thoughts to develop effective habits

Develop the resilient mindset

- Develop your emotional agility

- Balance stress and challenge

- Learn techniques to enhance resilience

Summit Day 1 - 27 Feb

Case Study

Opportunities are often disguised as obstacles. Altering your mindset to see the positivity in challenging situations will enable you to become the most resilient leader you can be.

- Embrace opportunities in challenging situations

- Actively look for opportunities

- Develop a positive outlook

Case Study

Maintaining productivity, high performance and motivation are common challenges leaders face during uncertain times. This session will explore how to maintain results during change without compromising engagement.

-Overcome resistance to change

-Understand what motivates your team

-Embrace change and lead towards the future

Case Study

Developing and maintaining a positive mindset is crucial for successful leadership. Join Belinda as she shares how to remain resilient in times of uncertainty and project confidence in your decisions.

- Develop and maintain a positive mindset

- Remain resilient during uncertainty

- Make decisions confidently

Expert Commentary

Building a strong, varied professional network is vital for anyone looking to excel in their career. This interactive session will equip you with the key skills to turn connections into long-term, mutually beneficial relationships. 

-Develop key networking skills

-Understand physical and digital networking

-Expand and nurture your network


Setting boundaries is key to achieving a work-life balance. This interactive panel session will explore a variety of perspectives and strategies to develop harmony between your personal and professional life, whatever your priorities.

-Be present in your environment

-Understand your priorities

-Tips to achieve work-life harmony

Case Study

Earning the respect of your peers and team is essential as a leader, especially when navigating turbulence. Respect builds influence and credibility, encouraging trust within your team.

-Make your voice heard

-Lead with conviction

-Earn respect as an authentic leader

Expert Commentary

In the increasingly demanding environment of banking and financial services, it is vital to maximise your impact during each conversation or meeting to achieve the results you want. Join Alena as she shares her seven vital tips to success, including:

- Where we get engagement wrong and how to shift the paradigm

- How impact is the key to efficient delivery, influence and growth

- Simple techniques and tools to help you engage with greater impact

Summit Day 2 - 28 Feb

Case Study

You will inevitably encounter obstacles in the banking and financial services industries. To succeed, it is vital to step up and lead your team through challenges with conviction.

-Lead with confidence and credibility

-Gain trust from your team

-Position yourself as an influential leader

Case Study

In competitive and often male-dominated environments, you must step up and position yourself for promotion. Anne will share insights from her exceptional leadership career and journey to the top.

-Position yourself for promotion

-Thrive under the spotlight

-Explore pathways to success

Case Study

Recognising your success and knowing how to leverage your strengths can be challenging for any leader. In this engaging session, Catriona will explore how to be confident in your abilities and to secure a better future for your team.

- Understand the effects of impostor syndrome

- Alter your mindset

- Take ownership of your success


It is more important than ever to develop resilience to adversity and uncertainty. This interactive panel discussion will explore the essential skills you need to become the most resilient leader for your team and organisation.

-Adapt and overcome adversity

-Explore personal experiences in the spotlight

-Tips to improve resilience and grit

Expert Commentary

To be seen as a successful leader and to excel in the spotlight, you need to project a positive, authentic brand. In this session, Gillian will offer insights into designing the right personal brand to reflect your priorities.

-Create a personal brand that stands out in the spotlight

-Leverage your strengths and project confidence 

-Make an impact without compromising your values


As the summit draws to a close, our facilitator will reflect on the lessons learned over the past two days and the skills needed to excel under the spotlight as you lead into the future.

-Key takeaways from the summit

-Create an action plan for success

-Lead towards the future for banking and financial services

Post-Summit Workshop - 1 Mar


The banking and financial services industries have been subject to massive disruption and uncertainty in the last few years. Succeeding in these industries calls for strategic leadership. Leaders must build resilience to change and guide their teams towards a positive future. 

This interactive workshop will explore the fundamental skills to lead strategically through change. You will learn how to build a solid platform for change, develop team synergy and learn skills to add to your leadership toolkit. Explore techniques to drive team performance, accelerate your leadership capabilities and ultimately enable you to reach your long-term goals.

Navigate organisational change

 -Build a solid platform for change

-Create and communicate your vision

-Evaluate and reassess your progress

Tackle change leadership with confidence

-Communicate effectively at all levels

-Influence with credibility

-Influence through your vision & drive

Build team resilience to change

-Build trust within teams

-Drive team alignment to common goals

-Develop synergy

Lead strategically

-Apply strategic insights to more effectively manage expectations

-Create opportunities for development during change

-Have the right impact and influence effectively


Sheraton on the Park

161 Elizabeth Street, Sydney, NSW, 2000, Australia

(02) 9286 6000

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