Student Experience Transformation Summit

Effectively build a student-centric culture to deliver an exceptional experience at every stage of the student journey

  • April 9th - 12th, 2019
  • Novotel Sydney Darling Square


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- Drive student engagement, retention and satisfaction
- Embrace digital transformation to enhance the student experience
- Adopt a student-centric business model to excel in an increasingly competitive environment
- Improve career development opportunities to advance employability outcomes


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Download the brochure
Enhance the international student experience
What does an exceptional student experience look like?
Expand your CDL and WIL capacity in a shared services environment
International insights - the Princeton student experience
Start at the beginning - drive engagement from the onset
Integrate the student experience on a Cloud Campus
Embed a student-centric culture
Reignite your social media strategy
Solution spotlight
Engage and involve students as partners for change
Build and enhance the student connection
International insights - the Stanford student experience
Design the student experience for the Future of Work
Develop a collaborative, unified approach
Successfully engage a diverse student cohort
Activate data to drive engagement and retention
Exceed expectations
Student experience transformation toolkit
Pre-Summit Workshop - 9 Apr


With an increasing number of international students entering Australian tertiary education, a strategic priority for higher education providers is to enhance the student experience.

In this workshop, you will learn to understand the needs of a diverse student demographic and identify ways to engage with them. Discover innovative ways that you can provide support and engagement to international students, including collaborating with external stakeholders.

Implement and promote support services

- Understand the cultural needs of students and manage expectations

- Promote your support services

- Innovate the delivery of your orientation programs

Adapt communication styles

- Enhance cross-cultural integration

- Understand students as individuals

- Improve communication through social media

Motivate students to engage and interact

- Create value in engagement

- Apply new technologies

- Ensure ease of access

Collaborate with external stakeholders

- The mutual benefits of stakeholder partnerships

- How to identify potential partners

- Develop and deliver activities and events

Conference Day 1 - 10 Apr

Case Study

The University of Notre Dame was ranked Number 1 in the 2018 Student Experience Survey. Vice-Chancellor Professor Celia Hammond will share the secrets to achieving this incredible level of student satisfaction.

- An overview of projects that improved the student experience

- Recognise each student as an individual 

- Lessons from their successes and failures

Case Study

David will share his experiences leading the expansion of the Career Development Learning (CDL) and Work Integrated Learning (WIL) offering. Explore how he built support for the anticipated integration of these learning modes at scale.

- Manage the changing remit of a student experience portfolio  

- Increase student and academic participation

- Maintain levels of service through change

Case Study

Student life in the US is an incredibly unique experience. Join Kimberly to hear more about the student experience at this Ivy League university.

Case Study

A student’s first year in higher education can be a make or break experience. While some adjust comfortably, others can struggle, with attrition often being a pressing problem. 

- Improve the experience from the first contact

- Consolidate and align functions 

- Lessons from the formation of UniAccess

Case Study

With an increasing number of students choosing to study online, how do you enhance the student experience in the digital realm? Lucy will explore how you can create a seamless learning and service experience in an online environment.

- Identify the different challenges posed for Cloud Campus students

- Build digital capabilities and service culture

- Enable and encourage student engagement


Placing students at the heart of your institution is the first step to optimising student engagement. This interactive panel will consider the abundance of methods you can use to reimagine your business strategy and involve students as partners.

- Build and maintain student-centricity

- Integrate decision making

- Examples of student-centric initiatives

Expert Commentary

Social media is one of the most innovative and influential mediums of the 21st century. Harnessing these platforms to engage students inside and out of the classroom can significantly improve the student experience. 

- Proactive and reactive social media strategies

- Build meaningful online communities

- Engage international student cohorts

Sponsor - Solution Spotlight

Conference Day 2 - 11 Apr

Case Study

Developing an inclusive approach that goes above and beyond the collective student voice is fundamental for driving student experience initiatives. The University of Adelaide's one-stop-service-point at 'Ask Adelaide' is a result of this. Join Ian as he shares how they have engaged students as partners in this project.

- Develop a culture of co-creation

- Lessons learnt from student co-creation

- Achieve student-centred outcomes

Case Study

Student retention isn't just about grades. It's about making students and staff feel connected. Join Professor Dunstan to find out how Bond University is connecting students beyond the classroom.

- Create a sticky campus

- Support student health and wellbeing

- Provide a unique experience outside of studying

Case Study

There are some valuable lessons we can learn when looking at students' experiences internationally. Join Angela as she shares her insights into the student experience at Stanford.

Case Study

TAFE NSW is undergoing a restructure and reform to better equip students for the jobs of the future. Tom will share how the student experience is being designed to take on this challenge.

- Build CX capabilities to take on the future

- Take human-centred design beyond ‘just talk’ into delivering change

- Design future learning technologies for better student engagement and job-readiness

Case Study

FedUni developed SPARK training, a program aimed at involving academics in the student experience, to improve student retention. Discover how this project engaged staff to contribute best practices in this nuanced area.

- Generate engagement across your institution

- Improve communications with students

- Key takeaways from SPARK


An unprecedented influx of international and mature students entering higher education is changing the student demographic. This panel will discuss the ways you can adapt your approach and drive engagement with the complete student profile.

- Techniques for personalising the student experience

- Provide inclusive support services

- Strategies for facilitating social engagement

Case Study

Data can be used to target and personalise the student experience when understood and interpreted correctly. At Open Colleges, Matt and his team are pursuing the use of data to predict student success and retention.

- Utilise predictive analysis to inform decision making

- Understand student behaviours

- Leverage data analytics to implement initiatives


This interactive roundtable provides the opportunity to discuss challenges and collaborate, allowing you to identify strategies for continually improving the student experience.

- Reflect on key lessons 

- Strategies to excel

- Create your action plan

Post-Summit Workshop - 12 Apr


To create a seamless student experience, you must improve engagement at every stage of the journey. Acquiring a deep understanding of how students think and feel, while integrating a partnership strategy across the institution, will help you deliver a personalised experience that will position you as a stand-out tertiary education provider. 

By highlighting ways to embed a student-centric culture, this workshop will help you to improve retention and engagement. You'll gain hands-on strategies and practical tools to implement upon your return to work. 

Tap into the psychology of the customer 

- Shape strategy around student behaviours

- Understand different student demographics

- Identify decision-making points and processes

Create and sustain student confidence 

- Effective engagement strategies

- Reduce attrition rates

- Involve alumni in regeneration

Utilise insights and feedback to build strategies 

- Leverage your CRM to capture and utilise data

- Translate emotive data to fuel every touchpoint

- Improve organisational student centricity

Build a culture of institution-wide collaboration

- Effectively communicate data to engage staff in implementing change

- Train and upskill staff involved in the student journey

- Increase engagement levels across your organisation


Novotel Sydney Darling Square

17 Little Pier Street, Sydney, NSW, 2000, Australia

02 8217 4000

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