NSW Public Sector Grades 9-10 High Performance & Leadership Workshop

Develop and refine core skills and key leadership capability to achieve success and excel in NSW Grade 9-10 level roles and beyond

  • February 20th - 21st, 2019
  • Cliftons Sydney


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- Identifying and developing your capabilities as a confident and successful Public Sector leader
- Building productive relationships and leading proficient and capable teams
- Leveraging your emotional intelligence to advance as a leader
- Practical, autonomous and effective decision making processes
- Career planning and pathways in NSW Public Service roles
- Driving strategic change and management to improve procedures and meet agency goals
- Developing and maintaining internal and external stakeholder engagement
- Strategies to identify problems and implement effective problem solving solutions
- Implementing agile and effective change management strategies


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Download the brochure
Day One - Wednesday 20th February 2019
Day Two - Thursday 21st February 2019
NSW Public Sector Grades 9-10 High Performance & Leadership Workshop - 20 Feb


Personal leadership values

- The capabilities, attributes and skills of an effective leader

- Identifying your core values and goals as a leader

- Advocating your value as a leader 

- Shaping your leadership brand


Managing and leading productive teams

- Maintaining team cohesion and building productive relationships 

- Understanding the differences between technical management and people leadership

- Leveraging off your own leadership skills to better motivate your team

- Building team capacity through coaching and performance feedback


Emotional Intelligence

- Evaluating your EQ level and identifying opportunities for further growth and leadership development

- Understanding your EQ and its impact on the way you are perceived as a leader 

- Leveraging emotional intelligence to the workplace

- Embracing qualities of empathy and understanding to become a better leader 


Effective and practical decision-making

- Making autonomous and independent decisions 

- Drawing on your experience, knowledge and judgement to make the most effective decisions

- Dealing with complex issues: making the ‘right’ decision  


Successful Change and Strategic Management

- Setting achievable, manageable and measurable goals 

- Problem identification and problem solving strategies 

- Supporting and influencing stakeholders through change 

- Leadership styles that drive effective transformation and change 


Thriving in times of change

- Effectively managing change and uncertainty in the workplace

- Identifying and monitoring changes that impact your work environment

- Supporting your team, organisation and stakeholders through change

- Implementing policies and procedures that reflect and embrace change


Stakeholder Engagement and Management

- Managing stakeholder relationships to achieve agency goals

- Identifying and meeting stakeholder needs and expectations

- Developing effective relationships with stakeholders

- Maintaining strong internal and external networks


Core approaches for NSW Public Sector Leaders to advance their confidence in their capabilities

- Being an authentic leader and communicator

- Trusting your initiative and judgment

- Planning and committing to actions that will lead to success

- Embracing resilience and flexibility as key leadership skills


Cliftons Sydney

Level 13, 60 Margaret St, Sydney, NSW, 2000, Australia

+61 2 9250 0999

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