Public Sector Ethical Leadership & Governance Summit

Foster a culture of ethics and accountability through good governance practices

  • March 18th - 21st, 2019
  • Hyatt Hotel, Canberra


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Develop frameworks to improve accountability
Maintain best practice governance through transformation
Generate buy-in with citizens and stakeholders
Model ethical leadership to strengthen governance structures


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Download the brochure
Ethical leadership in today's global environment
Trust as an essential component to good governance
Reframe the disruption discussion
Communicating the message of good governance
Ethical issues in data governance - Lessons from higher education
Good governance through times of change
Managing risk through good governance
Probity and accountability in procurement
Policy, planning and reform
The value of good governance in the APS
Generating organisational buy-in for governance frameworks
The role of governance in digital transformation
Defining and evaluating ethical leadership
Measuring and assessing governance efficacy
Future directions for ethical leadership and governance
Public Sector Sustainable Governance Workshop - Day 1
Public Sector Sustainable Governance Workshop - Day 2
Conference Day 1 - 18 Mar

Case Study

It is more important than ever to develop a strong concept of organisational ethics. Speaking with a wealth of experience in the public sector and abroad, Sue will discuss values, ethics and how to lead in a way that builds trust with stakeholders and citizens.

- A look at ethical leadership at home and internationally

- Values-based leadership in an organisation

- Ethics as a way to build stakeholder and citizen trust

Case Study

Having a culture of trust is essential to the ongoing progression of your organisation. A lack of trust in stakeholders can have a very negative effect on culture. Hear Lisa share the essential mechanisms for building trust.

- Create a culture of trust and loyalty

- A Local Land Services case study

- Build trust with key stakeholders

Case Study

Disruption is often seen as one of the biggest obstacles to governance but can really lead to huge long-term improvements. Jodie will explore lessons from her experience to turn disruption into an important stepping stone.

- Governance lessons learned through disruption

- Create a confident culture for disruption

- Reframe disruption as a way to improve governance

Case Study

Whether implementing new frameworks or reaffirming good governance practices, it is important to effectively communicate the message all the way, from leadership to line managers. Rachael will share her experiences in the public sector and offer strategies for effective communication.

- Create a receptive culture

- Have a clear and direct message

- Communicate across the organisation

Case Study

Effective data governance is an important step to ensuring integrity and public trust in the organisation. Philip will reflect on lessons across his career to address these issues.

- Strategies to maintain effective data governance

- Create a safe and secure organisation

- Discuss ethical issues in data governance


During times of transformation and change, maintaining effective governance can be especially challenging. Our panellists will discuss the best ways to overcome these challenges and establish good governance in the toughest of times.

- The right governance frameworks to promote change

- Manage disruption and resistance

- Practical advice from governance leaders

Case Study

Risk management can be very difficult for organisations, particularly complex and large departments. Drawing on case studies at the ANAO and throughout her time with the APS, Lisa will explore what good governance really looks like when it comes to risk management.

- Understand effective governance models

- Balance risk management with creativity

- Use governance to effectively manage risk

Expert Commentary

The process of procurement in the public sector can often be a source of controversy. Sheena will discuss best practices to approach procurement proceedings to ensure probity, accountability, and ultimately build trust.

- An ethical approach to suppliers and the market

- Assessing and measuring probity

- Transparency - when to go public with results

Conference Day 2 - 19 Mar

Case Study

Policy development and planning often results in change, which can be challenging to manage in a large organisation with diverse staff. These changes can also impact ethical and governance risks, so knowing how to navigate these challenges are key to organisational effectiveness.

- Establish frameworks to plan for change

- Understand the interaction of culture and change

- Manage ethical and governance risks in times of change

Case Study

In the ever-changing public sector environment, it is becoming all the more essential to consistently manage, monitor and improve your teams. This is where good governance plays a vital role. Cass will share her personal experience leading a variety of roles within government to share the importance of effective governance.

- The value of ethical leadership and governance

- Key takeaways to lead effectively

- Manage the mercurial environment

Case Study

It can be challenging to generate organisational buy-in and establish an effective motivation to comply when implementing new governance frameworks. Nicolle will address these challenges and offer tips to foster integrity, adherence and good governance in your organisation.

- Motivate your staff to comply with frameworks

- Promote integrity, adherence and best practice

- Break old habits and establish new ways of thinking

Expert Commentary

Organisations across the APS are on a journey of digital transformation, learning to tackle new tech and navigate complex times. Annette will draw on her experiences as a governance and risk specialist to explore the impact of good governance during this transition.

- Manage the risks associated with digital transformation

- Understand what governance frameworks need to be in place

- Communicate those frameworks across the organisation


Ethics, culture and leadership all have a direct impact on the effectiveness of governance frameworks and organisational trust. Our panellists will explore what ethical leadership really looks like in this interactive discussion.

- What is ethical leadership?

- Embed ethics into organisational culture

- Improve performance, fairness and accountability through ethics

Case Study

The first step to assuring better performance and accountability is to ensure that governance frameworks are effective and fit to departmental goals. Chris will discuss how to assess and measure the efficacy of existing governance.

- Review the perceived value of governance

- Determine what metrics to use when evaluating

- Assess the sustainability of current frameworks


In this final interactive session, our chair brings the conference to a close. Sheena will review the lessons learned from the last two days and offer an action plan for implementation back in the office.

- Key takeaways from the event

- Insight into future trends in the space

- An action plan for ethical leadership and good governance

Post-Summit Workshop - 20 Mar


Assessing and measuring current frameworks
- Good vs poor governance - What to measure and by whom?
- Review the business logic of existing frameworks
- Reach upwards with governance evaluation
Writing frameworks that fit your department’s goals
- Determine how much governance is required
- Performance and conformance - What is the right balance?
- Explore how governance isn’t ‘one size fits all’ 
Understanding risk and simplifying it throughout the organisation
- Set up risk, control and audit processes
- Explore how governance and risk management work best together
- Manage risk through committees or line management
Implementing new frameworks in times of change
- Reduce ‘red tape’ to promote agility
- Establish frameworks that promote change
- Strengthen your corporate governance frameworks


Establishing proactive governance and long-term strategic planning
- Reframe from reactive to proactive when it comes to risk
- Determine long-term and practical organisational goals
- Review flexible and evolving principles-based governance systems
Preparing for a ‘health check’ to continually evaluate effectiveness
- What should be on a review checklist?
- Where to find existing tools to prepare for review?
- Review perceived value of governance towards process improvement
Identifying stakeholder critical success factors for governance
- Obtain senior management buy-in for governance initiatives
- Communicate clear message from leadership to line managers
- Foster a culture of accountability and integrity
Leading by example to drive performance and improve compliance
- Demonstrate integrity, ethically through a position of trust
- Taking responsibility and being answerable for decisions
- Values-based leadership to inspire adherence


Hyatt Hotel, Canberra

120 Commonwealth Avenue, Canberra, ACT, 2600, Australia

+61 2 6270 1234

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