Public Sector Advanced Workforce Analytics Workshop

The next step for strategic workforce planning and analytics capability in the Australian Public Sector, emerging tools and advanced frameworks to enable best practice and high performance

  • February 26th - 27th, 2019
  • Cliftons Canberra


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- Analyse workforce trends in the Public Sector, including digital disruption
- Determine status and maturity of workforce strategy and analytics models
- Improve workforce ROI with a best practice HRM architecture model
- Advanced data insights to power people decisions


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Download the brochure
Day One - 26th February 2019
Day Two - 27th February 2019
Public Sector Workforce Analytics Workshop - 26 Feb


Day One

Workforce trends in the public sector, including digital disruption

- Analyse key trends shaping the future of work

- Key challenges of digitisation in the public sector

- Drive cross-government collaboration

- Embrace Agile as a new organisational paradigm

- Forecast future workforce requirements in the digital age

Exercise: Digitisation and its impact on your organisation


Mindsets, models, measures and methodology

- Executive engagement, arguing the business case of strategic workforce planning

- Identify trends and traps in strategic workforce planning and analytics

- Five ways to build human capital

Exercise: Determine status and maturity of workforce strategy and analytics models


Critical capabilities, core competencies and organisational strategy

- Drive a value creation and enablement framework

- Develop a two-track process to align workforce and organisational strategy

- Create tighter linkages between talent management and strategic workforce planning

- Identify the critical capabilities and core competencies of your agency

Improve workforce ROI with a best practice HRM architecture model

- Adopt a skills-based segmentation approach

- Explore the influence of hierarchy on critical roles

- Develop differentiated workforce policies and practices

- Analyse and report on your people assets through workforce segmentation


EVPs, the psychological contract and workforce segmentation

- Link recruitment to workforce strategy

- Achieve actionable insights through appropriate data segmentation

- Link EVPs to engagement, retention and organisational strategy

- Profile EVPs for roles in your agency

Unlock the true value of your data

- Advanced analytic techniques and tools

- Measure what matters - categorising demographic, org process and predictive data

- Strategies to improve data ownership, integrity and governance

- Develop deeper workforce insights and evidence-based decisions

Exercise: Assess HR analysis and reporting in your agency

Advanced data insights to power people decisions

- Data visualisation for actionable insight, including bottom-line impacts

- Build confidence in data through effective and influential communication

- Assess and address workforce risk, including succession planning

- Projecting your legacy workforce

Develop and implement a successful Strategic Workforce plan

- Key steps for developing a successful strategic workforce plan

- Define and communicate responsibilities - HR, executive, and line management

- Shift focus from cyclical workforce planning processes to continuous improvement model

- Action plan, key learnings and takeaways


Cliftons Canberra

Level 2, 10 Moore Street, Canberra, ACT, 2601, Australia

02 6122 0999

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