VPS 5-6 Professional Development & Leadership Conference

  • November 13th - 14th, 2018
  • Pullman on the Park


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Develop emotional intelligence to improve performance across your organisation
Display dynamic leadership in the Victorian Public Sector
Build and establish your profile
Deliver above and beyond your current role
Discover strategies for conflict resolution
Drive constant resilience
Launch your career to the next level
Develop confident networking skills
Drive transformative leadership during times of change
Unlock your authentic leadership style
Set goals to improve your professional development
Display resilient leadership
Turn obstacles into opportunities
Optimise your leadership through collaboration
Reflect on the next steps for your career
Day One - 22 November
Day Two - 23 November
Pre-Summit Workshop - 19 Nov - 09:00- 16:30


In the dynamic and fast-paced environment of the Victorian Public Sector, leaders are valued for their resilience, emotional intelligence and ability to manage complex situations. To fast-track leadership success, it is vital to develop a keen understanding of your emotions to discover how they impact your performance and affect your team. This will help you better connect with others and lead with greater influence.

Understanding yourself and others

- Identify different communication styles

- Discover the ability to assess and measure emotional intelligence in both yourself and others

- Determine different personalities and the ability to approach these with finesse

How emotional intelligence can drive motivation

- Foster understanding in your organisation

- Develop ways to enable motivation through transparency

- Understand the importance of motivation

Build better relationships through emotional intelligence

- Develop the ability to build rapport and maintain relationships

- Manage upwards and influence with integrity

- Increase confidence to broach sensitive topics

The power of emotional intelligence to better manage staff

- Examine how to initiate sensitive conversations and effectively raise concerns

- Explore communication strategies to address difficult conversations

- Leverage your emotional intelligence in the workplace

Summit Day One - 20 Nov - 09:00- 16:30

Case Study

As you ready yourself to step into senior roles in the Victorian Public Sector, you must prepare yourself for new responsibilities. In this session, Cynthia will share her leadership journey, including the defining moments and personal insights into dynamic Public Sector leadership.

- Embrace the values of leadership in the VPS

- The VPS as a platform for future leaders

- Leadership vs management: what are the differences?

Case Study

As you ready yourself to step into senior roles in the Victorian Public Sector, you must prepare yourself for new responsibilities. In this session, Cynthia will share her leadership journey, including the defining moments and personal insights into dynamic Public Sector leadership.

- Embrace the values of leadership in the VPS

- The VPS as a platform for future leaders

- Leadership vs management: what are the differences?

Case Study

Displaying the behaviours and skills required to take on higher responsibility are essential in helping you stand out from the crowd. Melissa will share how she has progressed into her current role and what qualities you need to perform beyond yours.

- Identify expectations in a higher role

- Discover qualities inherent in a high-performing culture

- Take the next steps to improve your performance

Expert Commentary

Being a leader in the Victorian Public Sector involves managing people, which is often easier said than done, but necessary for leadership success. This interactive session will allow you to brainstorm, apply solutions and identify new ideas to bring back to your organisation.

- Solve complex problems

- Approach conflict as a collaborator

- Skilfully confront difficult conversations


How you respond mentally, physically and emotionally can make all the difference between enduring and flourishing during changing climates. This interactive panel will discuss how to adapt during times of uncertainty.

- Build resilience to face various climates

- Discover solutions to manage stress

- Implement positive mindsets

Case Study

Taking the next step in your career can sometimes feel daunting and challenging. Juliette will explore how she progressed through her career and share tips that you can implement to reach your next big role.

- Transform your visions into reality

- Seek new opportunities

- Create strategies to transition beyond your current role

Expert Commentary

Networking is a valuable opportunity to improve your communication skills and establish your personal and professional brand. Angela will share her hints and tips on how to excel at networking with an opportunity for you to apply what you learn at the networking reception following this session.

- Identify your personal and professional brand

- Understand the purpose and benefits of networking

- Develop confidence to step out of your comfort zone

Summit Day Two - 21 Nov - 09:00- 16:30

Case Study

In a constantly changing and fast-paced environment, leading in the Victorian Public Sector requires resilience and the ability to maintain stability. Rebecca will share her defining moments and how she applies key leadership skills to encourage organisational success. 

- Make the most of your potential

- Face challenges with resilience

- Lead your team with confidence 

Case Study

To be confident with your leadership, it is important to feel comfortable with your ability to lead others. In this session, Jane will explore the best ways to develop your authentic leadership style.

- Discover your personal and professional brand

- Present yourself confidently and naturally

- Maintain strong leadership habits

Expert Commentary

Understanding what holds you back will help you to embrace your full potential. In this session, Pauline will help you identify what motivates and drives your confidence and how you can jump over the hurdles limiting your success.

- Understand what drives and motivates you

- Identify the areas that may be limiting your professional development

- Skills to develop inner confidence

Case Study

Learning how to manage challenges and overcome obstacles requires a high level of resilience. Geoff will share the key lessons he has learnt throughout his career and help you display powerful resilience.

- Manage pressure with key skills

- Remain positive in the midst of challenges

- Discover strategies to help you keep up in a fast-paced environment


Constantly meeting expectations in a high-performing culture can sometimes feel exhausting. Our panel of experts will explore how to promote collaboration and positive values in the workplace.

- Foster cooperative relationships

- Engage a learning mindset

- Develop higher levels of engagement

Case Study

As a leader in the Victorian Public Sector, it is important to develop authentic relationships with others and those outside your organisation. Collaboration is a key component in establishing successful leadership and can help improve your communication skills.

- Create authentic connections

- Learn the nuances of strategic communication

- Build networks beyond your organisation


The Victorian Public Sector continues to develop and change, meaning the required skills for Public Sector leaders will also adapt according to the climate. In this closing roundtable, you will have the chance to summarise what you have learnt throughout the conference.

- Prepare for the future in the VPS

- Establish action plans to implement

- Brainstorm key lessons

Post-summit workshop - 22 Nov - 09:00- 16:30


Personal leadership values

- The capabilities, attributes and skills of an effective leader

- Identifying your core values and goals as a leader

- Advocating your value as a leader 

- Shaping your leadership brand

Managing and leading productive teams

- Maintaining team cohesion and building productive relationships 

- Understanding the differences between technical management and people leadership

- Leveraging your leadership skills to motivate your team

- Building team capacity through coaching and performance feedback

Emotional intelligence

- Evaluating your EQ level and identifying opportunities for growth and leadership development

- Understanding your EQ and its impact on the way you are perceived as a leader 

- Leveraging emotional intelligence in the workplace

- Embracing qualities of empathy and understanding to become a better leader 

Effective and practical decision making

- Making autonomous and independent decisions 

- Drawing on your experience, knowledge and judgment to make the most effective decisions

- Dealing with complex issues and making the ‘right’ decision  


Successful change and strategic management

- Setting achievable, manageable and measurable goals 

- Problem identification and problem-solving strategies 

- Supporting and influencing stakeholders through change 

- Leadership styles that drive effective transformation and change 

Thriving in times of change

- Effectively managing change and uncertainty in the workplace

- Identifying and monitoring changes that impact your work environment

- Supporting your team, organisation and stakeholders through change

- Implementing policies and procedures that reflect and embrace change

Stakeholder engagement and management

- Managing stakeholder relationships to achieve agency goals

- Identifying and meeting stakeholder needs and expectations

- Developing effective relationships with stakeholders

- Maintaining strong internal and external networks

Core approaches for Victorian Public Sector leaders to build confidence in their capabilities

- Being an authentic leader and communicator

- Trusting your initiative and judgment

- Planning and committing to actions that will lead to success

- Embracing resilience and flexibility as key leadership skills


Pullman on the Park

Melbourne, VICTORIA

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