Women in Education Leadership Summit

Network with leading luminaries to unleash your potential for professional success

  • April 29th - May 2nd, 2019
  • Crowne Plaza Auckland


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Leverage your strengths and define your legacy
Optimise performance with limited resources
Balance your personal and professional priorities
Practical strategies for career progression


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Download the brochure
Step up as a leader
Flourish as a leader
Unexpected leadership opportunities
Harness pedagogy factors of stress
Foster employee mental wellbeing
Maintain a healthy work-life balance
Promote collaboration within your team
Improve education equity as a leader
Lead a learning culture to success
Change for the better
Academic vs corporate
Teamwork engagement strategies
‘Intrapreneurship’ in education
Direction for women in education
Looking to the future as a leader
Pre Summit Workshop - 29 Apr


Leaders must know how to unlock the performance of their team while managing change, driving direction and innovating new processes.

This workshop will prepare you for the next stage of your career and equip you with the skills required to master leadership.

The leap to leadership

- Devise a progression plan

- Build the confidence to speak up

- Expand your range of responsibility

Strategic career progression

- Discover your authentic leadership style

- Create new opportunities

- Drive change as a female leader

Build negotiation and communication skills 

- Innovative strategies to drive change 

- Lead through transformation

- Conversations that build trust

Develop a leadership mindset to create engagement

- Create a thriving workplace environment

- Cultivate staff wellbeing

- Positive patterns for progression

Summit Day 1 - 30 Apr

Case Study

The transition to leadership can be difficult and requires a new set of skills to be mastered. Heather will enkindle your inspiration to aim high and make a seamless leadership transition.

- Accelerate career progression

- Understand the responsibilities of an education leader

- The transition from teacher to manager

Case Study

The direction of your career path may change over time, so it's important to have the right support and guidance. Rosemary will discuss how strong leaders inspired her to unlock her potential as an education leader.

- Embrace new challenges

- Work with and for leaders you respect

- Discover and leverage your strengths

Case Study

Your ability to manage stress and time will improve your efficiency and performance. Anne-Marie will discuss how she manages her time to ensure high levels of productivity in the workplace.

- Stress factors and strategies to manage them

- Techniques for managing your workload

- Learn to say no

Expert Commentary

The key to a positive and thriving work environment is making sure the wellbeing of your team is a priority. Lance will explore ways to guarantee your staff are happy and productive.

- Understand your employees' needs

- Improve the relationship between teams and management

- Create a sustainable workplace


Balancing personal and professional priorities can often be a challenge, especially for education workers. Our panel will explore strategies to sustain a healthy lifestyle and share the secrets to achieving your potential.

- Strategies to build a balanced life

- Let go of perfectionism

- Maximise your time

Case Study

Utilising the collective skills and wisdom of your team is essential when leading through uncertainty. Anne will discuss how to bring individuals together in a way that promotes genuine collaboration and contribution.

- Ensure your team is aligned

- Communicate your vision

- Encourage and value individual contribution

Case Study

Equity in classrooms is an ongoing issue for many institutions. In this session, Megan will discuss how to create a thriving and inclusive learning environment.

- Balance the needs of stakeholders and faculty

- Keep your team up-to-date through change

- Identify and overcome obstacles

Summit Day 2 - 1 May

Case Study

A thriving learning environment where educators can thrive starts from the top. In this session, Ruth will discuss ways to implement a positive workplace strategy.

- Set an example

- Engage and influence your team

- Lead a team to culture excellence

Case Study

In September 2018, Unitec Institute of Technology was in grave financial trouble. The executive had no choice but to lead significant structural change, resulting in job losses. Mary will share how Unitec overcame the challenges faced with innovative strategies.

- The value of radical transparency

- Strategies for personal and staff wellbeing

- Build a resilient culture


The education sector is made up of corporate and academic bodies, both critical to the success of the overall system. Our panel will discuss how they embrace both to bring synergy into a school.

- Similarities and differences in mindset

- Manage different personalities

- Leverage your strengths

Case Study

Igniting engagement is key to successfully achieve common goals. Paola will inspire to implement effective performance strategies.

  • Motivate a team to perform high
  • Manage competing expectations
  • Navigate difficult conversations

Expert Commentary

Educators have to think more like entrepreneurs to create an innovative learning environment. Sabrina will share her story of being an intra and entrepreneur - and how you can benefit from a change in mindset.

- Develop an entrepreneurial mindset

- Become an intrapreneur within an education setting

- Practical tools to validate ideas


In this final interactive session of the summit, reflect upon the inspiring stories and key learnings from the last two days before creating an action plan for your return to work. 

- Reflect on key learnings

- Take the next step

- Identify the best strategies to take your career to the next level

Post Summit Workshop - 2 May


With exponential changes in technology and its impact on the way we live and work, ‘soft’ or ‘human’ skills such as creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration are becoming increasingly important.

This interactive workshop will examine your innovation-readiness before introducing you to a framework that will help you develop into an effective leader.

Is your organisation innovation-ready?

- Determine how innovation-ready you are 

- Understand the position of your team and organisation

- Steps to accelerate your innovation-readiness

What the future entails for leadership

- How trends are affecting the education sector 

- Understand the importance of what skills will be required

- Practical tips to stay abreast with trends

The changing role of a teacher 

- Understand how the education sector is evolving

- Rethink models to deliver better outcomes

- Create new learning spaces 

Entrepreneurship as a mechanism to build capability

- Develop an entrepreneurial mindset

- Apply entrepreneurial skills to your workplace

- Practical business model canvas tools


Crowne Plaza Auckland

128 Albert Street, Auckland, 1010, New Zealand

(09) 302 1111

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