4th Women in Finance & Accounting Leadership Summit

Unlock soft skills to enrich leadership potential

  • May 14th - 17th, 2019
  • Crowne Plaza Auckland


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- Invest in your leadership career
- Transition from technical expert to leader
- Balance personal & professional priorities
- Strategic tools for budgeting, forecasting & planning


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Download the brochure
Your leadership evolution
Powerful resilience
Lead as a CFO
Communication skills for finance professionals
Excelling while managing priorities
Achieve a personal and professional balance
Invest in opportunities for leadership development
Become a successful risk taker
Technical manager to an inspirational leader
Steps to success
Create your unique leadership style
Climb the career ladder
Create a successful business model
Map the future
Build a team of finance professionals
Pre Summit Workshop - 14 May


In an ever evolving Financial Sector, it is important to create a leadership brand that stands out from the rest. Growing the confidence within yourself will empower you to step up.

This workshop will provide practical skills that will help you evolve into a confident leader. Sue will empower you to develop your strengths, design your vision for the future and create your authentic brand.

Identify your unique leadership attributes

  • Develop a growth mindset
  • Unlock your values and strengths
  • Strategies to build and radiate confidence

Lead your team to high performance

  • Create genuine connections
  • Unlock a coaching mindset
  • Support a high performing team

Build your career opportunities

  • Create your leadership path
  • Seize opportunities for growth
  • Promote your personal brand

Master effective leadership

  • Leadership tools for success
  • Stay on top of your game
  • Lead through uncertain times

Summit Day 1 - 15 May

Case Study

Develop your resilience and overcome inevitable stress and challenges faced by a leader. Nikki & Rachel will explore the building blocks to a successful career.

  • How impostor syndrome can hold you back from achieving your true potential
  • 8 key strategies to achieve resilience
  • Delivering under pressure

Case Study

The role of a CFO is always evolving. They provide the path to a businesses financial growth. Chris will explain how he creates success.

  • Identify the job criteria
  • The relationship between a CEO & CFO
  • Understanding the challenges

Expert Commentary

Christine will unlock important skills to encourage a thriving work environment.

  • Understand the technical mind of your team
  • Foster strong working relationships
  • Fine-tune channels of communication

Case Study

Time management critical for any effective finance professional. Karlene will explore how she spins several plates:

  • Understand dynamic planning
  • Reflect, prioritise & delegate 
  • Defend a thoughtful lack of ambition



Striking a balance between personal and professional tasks can be demanding. Our panel will discuss how they balance their responsibilities.

  • What a win is to you
  • Rely on support
  • How to ‘switch off’

Case Study

Grasping leadership opportunities requires courage and confidence. Kirsty will discuss how to take on new challenges to advance your career goals.

  • Step out of your comfort zone
  • Develop self-confidence
  • Discover the importance of mentorship

Case Study

To accelerate your career progression, you must be prepared to go beyond your comfort zone. Sarah will explain how to create a successful career path.

  • Build on transitioning skills
  • Initiate innovative capabilities
  • Leverage diverse mindsets

Summit Day 2 - 16 May

Case Study

To become a successful leader, you must inspire through your actions and create a team that believes in a common vision. Katherine will explore her leadership journey.

  • Create your leadership identity
  • Let your passion shine
  • Accelerate high performance

Case Study

To achieve success, you need to be deliberate and choose the key areas to amplify your growth. Graeme will uncover the steps to success.

  • A deliberate leader or manager?
  • Practical advice for career progression
  • Key relationships: CEO & Board



An effective leader aligns their values and beliefs. Our panel will shares strategies on identifying your personal brand.

  • Become an authentic leader
  • Build respect and trust from your team
  • Develop techniques to navigate difficult conversations

Case Study

Effective finance leaders must strengthen their soft skill set. Cecilia will discuss her thriving career journey.

  • The tests of a leader
  • Leverage your professional strengths
  • Build your personal resilience

Expert Commentary

A great business model will drive an organisation to success. Sharlene will demonstrate strategies for effective presentations.

  • Convert knowledge into value
  • Integrate budgeting, planning & forecasting
  • Influence the executive team


Reflection on the past two days will help to create individual strategies for success. We conclude this summit with final points from our chairwoman.

  • Key learnings from the summit
  • Create an action plan
  • Reflect on important soft skills that will help you succeed

Post Summit Workshop - 17 May


Leading a team of technical finance professionals requires balance in both technical and soft skills. To achieve optimum results, you must be authentic, develop your team and focus on workplace culture.

This workshop will provide the necessary tools to gain clear insight to identify your strengths as a leader. Be empowered and inspired to strengthen your team's capabilities on the road to success.

Emerge into leadership

  • Create your personal leadership brand
  • Influence those around you 
  • Build respect and trust within your team

Create a high performing culture

  • Explore the mindset
  • Continuous learning through change
  • Implement an action plan

Develop communication skills

  • Identify your communication style
  • Recognise the most effective channels of communication
  • Engage your team

Build a resilient team

  • Understand motivation techniques
  • Take control of your personal emotional reactions
  • Overcome stress and obstacles


Crowne Plaza Auckland

128 Albert Street, Auckland, 1010, New Zealand

(09) 302 1111

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