8th Women in Retail & FMCG Leadership Summit

Step out of your comfort zone and seize opportunities to unleash your leadership potential

  • March 18th - 21st, 2019
  • Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre


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Position yourself for leadership success
Ignite innovation in a fast-paced industry
Build your authentic personal brand
Sharpen your strategic communication skills


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Download the brochure
Communication toolkit - Optimise communication skills for leadership excellence
Stand out, step up
Set your goals
Build your brand from the inside out
Begin your board career
Find harmony between work and life commitments
Prepare questions for interview
A conversation with the CEO
Unlock your authenticity
Pay it forward
Maximise networking opportunities
Break barriers
Stay motivated, fight burnout
Step outside your comfort zone
Unleash your leadership confidence
Harness the power of communication
The future of Retail & FMCG
Drive innovation and transformation
Compete in a fast growing online space
Exceed expectations
Superpower your leadership brand for the 21st Century
Pre-Summit Workshop - 18 Mar


Effective communication is the cornerstone of strong leadership and can provide the building blocks for a connected, successful workplace. This workshop is tailored for leaders and explores how to communicate confidently and powerfully in the Retail & FMCG landscape.

Through looking at the neuroscience of communication, Whole Brain® thinking, vocal intelligence and body language, this workshop will help you better understand yourself and others to communicate more effectively. Delegates will leave with a deeper understanding of communication styles and build skills to ensure clarity in communicating insights and ideas.

Successful leadership communication

- Help your team understand business strategy and their role in executing it

- Stand for something – Define and communicate your leadership values

- A positive approach to performance discussions and difficult conversations

High-level communication, influence and negotiation skills

- Manage emotions for positive and assertive communication

- Develop techniques of persuasion, negotiation and influence

- Understand how to increase your influence at work

Stretching the limits of who you are

- Identify your thinking preferences as a leader by exploring Whole Brain® Thinking

- Understand how your thinking preferences impact on your communication style with colleagues

- Enhance your communication skills to engage your colleagues and lead more effectively

Communicate with confidence and authority

- Promote yourself positively

- Enhance your communication effectiveness through vocal intelligence

- Boost your power through your body language

Conference Day 1 - 19 Mar

Case Study

Many leaders have had valuable learning experiences which helped shape who they are today. In this session, Joanne will reflect on her journey and share some of those defining moments to help you on your own journey.

- Transform obstacles into opportunities

- Realise your potential

- Take control of your career path


Set your short, mid and long-term professional goals

Short = Over the next two days

Mid = Skills you would like to develop in 6 weeks

Long = Plans and goals for the rest of the year 

Case Study

A positive workplace culture is essential for creating longstanding and durable brands. Join Charlene as she discusses how you can shape an authentic, thriving company culture.

- Create an inclusive and empowering organisational culture

- Positively drive efficiency and performance

- Provide supportive, resilient leadership

Expert Commentary

Joining a board gives you the opportunity to utilise transferable skills and gain new ones. In this session, Sandra will explore the importance and benefits of sitting on boards.

- How can you find these opportunities?

- Transition between executive and non-executive

- Identify your leadership strategy


With an abundance of competing responsibilities, leaders are faced with a formidable balancing act. Many make the assumption you cannot achieve both personal and professional goals at the same time. This interactive panel will consider the many methods to help you find your work-life balance.

- Maintain wellbeing without compromising ambition

- Manage competing expectations

- Know your limits

Break-Out Session


This interview session will give you the opportunity to gain insight into Ross's accomplished career. Ross will share how he has built the confidence and skill set to drive his career forward.

- Learn how they made it to the top

- How to search for career growth opportunities

- Navigate career challenges

Case Study

Being authentic is the cornerstone of leadership prowess. Lynne will share advice on how you can tap into your authenticity and use this to build engaged, motivated teams.

- Establish rapport, gain respect

- Create a culture of trust and loyalty

- Influence with integrity

Case Study

Great leaders are those who mentor as they manage. To cultivate the next generation of leaders, it is necessary to support your team and enable them to thrive.

- Lift as you lead

- Reciprocal benefits of the mentor-mentee relationship

- Leave a leadership legacy

Expert Commentary

Developing constructive networks is essential for unlocking leadership potential. Productive networking skills can lead to the discovery and creation of support networks for like-minded individuals.

- Identify and build support networks

- Welcome and initiate conversation

- Strategies to work the room and network effortlessly

Conference Day 2 - 20 Mar

Case Study

L’Oréal are pioneers when it comes to championing gender equality. Join Christine as she shares how they are achieving this and the consequential benefits of equality on performance and growth.

- Advocate for women in leadership

- Engage your workforce

- Lead the movement with credibility


Think tank

Case Study

Upskilling requires a leap of faith to challenge how you perceive your strengths and areas for growth. Lauren will share how to confidently seize opportunities and use these to propel your career.

- Allow yourself to jump into the deep end

- Build the confidence to raise your hand for opportunities

- Actively pursue chances to grow

Expert Commentary

Confidence is a key characteristic for all successful leaders. To gain buy-in from others, it is essential that you believe in your abilities to succeed in your role. In this session, you'll learn why confidence can be the difference between doing and succeeding.

- Leverage your professional strengths

- Build the courage to be heard

- Stay true to your values and identity

Case Study

Communication plays a fundamental role in building high performing teams. This session will explore how to launch your leadership capabilities through the power of communication.

- Create and nurture productive work relationships

- Identify your communication style

- Engage your team, clients and stakeholders


Businesses in the modern world must be able to continually adapt to meet the needs of today’s digital-savvy consumers. This panel of innovative leaders will share their insights into how you can lead for the future.

- Future-proof your business

- Develop an innovative mindset

- Manage change and transformation


Think tank

Case Study

As an eCommerce executive, Mareile understands what it takes to lead in the online world. Join Mareile as she shares how you can remain relevant and resilient in this fast-paced environment.

- A look into Mareile's leadership career 

- Stay relevant in a hyper growth environment 

- Set up teams for success in a competitive retail landscape


This closing roundtable provides the opportunity to discuss challenges and collaborate, allowing you to find effective solutions for pushing your leadership career forward. 

- Reflect on key lessons 

- Strategies to excel

- Create your action plan

Post-Summit Workshop - 21 Mar


In today’s fast paced and competitive Retail & FMCG environment, it is imperative that your leadership approach is tailored to handle any situation. It is crucial to look within, assess your strengths and weaknesses and refine your natural leadership style without compromising core values or vision.

This interactive workshop will explore the effectiveness of different leadership styles in an array of situations. It will allow you to build a multi-dimensional leadership identity which is proactive, reactive and effective. By exploring intellectual, emotional, spiritual and whole intelligence, this workshop will equip you with the tools to employ different leadership techniques to enhance team performance and become an adaptable leader who is self-aware, confident and authentic. 

Understand your natural leadership style

-  Discuss what makes a good leader and create your vision of success 

-  Assess how your colleagues and staff see you as a leader

-  Understand your instinctive reactions to emerging situations

Explore different approaches to leadership

-  Contrast the different aspects of situational leadership

-  Asses when to apply masculine and feminine approaches to different situations

-  Workshop solutions to challenging, real life-situations

Break barriers to success

-  Understand unconscious bias and how to overcome it

-  Develop a workplace and culture that is emotionally intelligent 

-  Overcome imposter syndrome and develop your authentic identity

Thrive in times of complexity

-  Master techniques to inspire, motivate and engage diverse contemporary teams

-  Maintain transparency and be the author of your identity

-  Build a full repertoire of leadership techniques to prepare for complex emerging situations


Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre

1 Convention Centre Place, Melbourne, VIC, 3006, Australia

(03) 9235 8000

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