5th Women in Leadership Western Australia Summit

Advice, inspiration and practical skills to drive your career advancement

  • April 8th - 12th, 2019
  • Pan Pacific Perth


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Be empowered by industry leaders
Stand out as a bold leader
Foster & boost productivity
Motivate, inspire & challenge your team


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Download the brochure
Step Up, Stand Out
A look into leadership
Break Out Session: What type of leader do you want to be?
Become your ideal leader
Drive productivity through honest leadership
Bounce-back tactics - How to remain resilient when the going gets tough
Think Tank: Solve your leadership challenges
Inspirational Women - Aunty Gail
Inspire innovation in your team
Lead as you
Overcome the spinning-plate syndrome
Mini Workshop: Use your human factor
Break Out Session: Prepare questions for interview
Lessons from the CEO - Help your leaders grow
Interactive Q&A - Advice to my younger self
Compassionate leadership – the most effective way to lead
Face forward
Women in Leadership Workshop - Day One
Women in Leadership Workshop - Day Two
Pre-Summit Workshop - 8 Apr


Standing out from the crowd is difficult but instrumental in helping you seize career opportunities, especially when transitioning between technical and leadership roles. To stand out successfully, you must be able to demonstrate your skills and effectively expand your visibility. 

This interactive workshop will help you master your inner critic and make a strategic step in the right direction. You will learn how to effectively craft your leadership profile and communicate with confidence, how to effectively increase your visibility as a leader, and how to build resilience for when the going gets tough.

Position yourself and stand out

- Cement yourself as a bold leader

- Develop organic influence and authority

- Put yourself forward for new opportunities

Deal with knockbacks

- Develop resilience to manage failure

- Use setbacks as lessons learned

- Navigate challenges to get ahead

Manage self-confidence

- Recognise your inner critic and what it is telling you

- Replace self-doubt with self-belief

- Develop ongoing strategies to manage your self-belief

What's your 'why'?

- Create your vision of success

- Set short, mid and long-term goals

- Position yourself for promotion

Conference Day 1 - 9 Apr

Case Study

The public sector is a dynamic and complex environment that needs adaptable, values-driven leaders. With a wealth of experience leading in this environment and as starting her career in education, Sue will discuss what is required to be an effective leader in State Government.

- Translate obstacles to opportunity

- Lessons from a leader

- Position yourself for promotion


-Identify your ideal leaders

-What skills do they possess?

-What makes them great leaders?

Case Study

What kind of leader do you want to be? What values will you uphold? Steph will help you answer these questions and share how her leadership brand has developed over time.

- Craft your leadership brand

- Communicate your leadership style

- Manage your team's expectations

Case Study

The way you manage your team and colleagues is a huge contributor to project success. Integrity and respect build stronger and trustworthy relationships, which in turn contributes to the overall success of your team.

-Utilise the individual strengths of your team

-Create and communicate a shared vision

-Develop your honest and genuine leadership style


As responsibilities pile, it gets harder to be brave and navigate challenging situations. Hear from this panel of leaders as they share their top tips for facing forward when the going gets tough.

-Learn how to bounce back from challenges

-Conquer your failure fear

-Tips and tricks to build resilience


-Anonymously create your challenge

-Challenges to be distributed to each table

-Solve that challenge and feedback to the group


Aunty Gail will share her remarkable career journey, passion and unwavering commitment to the long-term strengthening of Aboriginal communities.

Case Study

You can build innovative and more productive teams through engagement and creativity. Jemma will take you through an interactive innovation adventure where you will learn how to engage your teams and encourage innovative thinking.

- Inspire and engage your team

- Shape collaborative team environments and build happiness 

- Embrace innovative thinking to secure your future

Conference Day 2 - 10 Apr

Case Study

We all have an idea of what the perfect leader embodies. But does perfection exist? Freya takes us on a journey of her career, warts and all.

- Accept yourself as the leader you are

- Adapt your style as your grow

- Authentic and honest leadership

Case Study

When you progress into a senior role, your workload and responsibilities naturally increase. Larissa has had a successful career with Westpac and will share how she has managed her growing to-do list.

- How to manage an increasing workload

- Effective delegation

- The responsibilities when stepping up

Expert Commentary

With increasing pressures from technology, deadlines and expectations in the workplace, you will need to strengthen your resilience and develop your emotional intelligence. Amy will guide you through the factors to list your potential, increase productivity and re-ignite your passion in this mini-workshop.

- Increase your Emotional Intelligence

- Overcome self-doubt

- Use your unique strengths



As present leaders, it is essential that we pave the way for emerging leaders. With their new mentoring program, Bronwyn will share how she helps her leaders align their values and develop growth strategies.

- An insight from the top

- Develop your leaders

- Create opportunities for growth


Hear from our lineup of speakers as they share advice they would tell themselves back when they began their leadership journey.

- Advice to an aspiring leader

- Tap into the skills you need when starting up

- Build influence as a new leader

Expert Commentary

Compassion is the driving force behind exceptional leadership. Kasia will share the value of compassion in managing others and the benefits for your individual, business and organisational success.

- What is compassionate leadership? 

- The role of mindfulness in compassionate leadership 

- How do you make hard decisions and manage people you do not like with compassion?  


-Set goals for the future

-Recap and revise the key takeaways from the last two days

-Design your leadership action plan

Post-Summit Workshop - 11 Apr


What is leadership and what’s your style?

- Determine fundamental leadership attributes and skills

- Discover the style that best drives others

- Embrace your leadership style and maximise your strengths

- Build self-awareness on the way others perceive you

How to lead with Emotional Intelligence (EQ) using Multi-Health Systems EQ Leadership Model

- Identify your EQ composite levels: self-perception, self-expression, interpersonal relationships, decision-making and stress management

- Evaluate your strengths and identify opportunities for growth

- The importance of flexibility, empathy, resilience and authenticity

How do your beliefs and values impact your EQ/leadership approach?

- Understand your internal drivers and how they impact on your reactions

- Appreciate and recognise how your drivers impact others

What EQ strategies and practical actions do you need to focus on?

- Identify a variety of strategies and practical steps in the five composite areas of the MHS EQ Leadership Model 

- Select from a menu of strategies to tailor your personal leadership plan

- Leverage your strengths


How to lead through rapid change

- Exploring internal and external factors that impact leadership capability

- Leadership challenges and leveraging your EQ 

- Build self-awareness of leadership traits and how they align with organisational goals

Understanding organisational complexity

- What we say and what we do

- Leading a team and developing people – do you understand each other’s expectations?

- Strategic leaders ask the right questions, so what are they?

- What does a ‘good’ culture look like?

 Managing conflict and dealing with difficult behaviour

- Employer obligations: the importance of natural justice and procedural fairness

- How do leaders deliver outcomes and create performance amidst the chaos?

- Practical scenarios to manage conflict

 Reviewing the personal leadership plan

- Identify and cross-check the plan from day one

- Review in light of the new information from day two

- Highlight/change strategies, actions and areas of focus


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